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I have a friend from Liaoning who works in Beijing. Every year Liaozu comes to Beijing to play away games, he will be there to watch the game. When Liaozu was in the Chinese Super League, he went to the visitors' stand of the Workers' Stadium; when Liaozu was in the Chinese Premier League, he went to the visiting stand of the National Olympic Sports Center. Last season, when the Liaoning football relegation situation was critical, he joked that next year it looks like he will go to the visiting stand of Beijing Institute of Technology.


Although Liaozu's relegation to the second team did not happen, he never had the opportunity to see the team he followed in Beijing again. On May 23, 2020, Liaoning Football Club was officially sentenced to death. A notice from the Chinese Football Association announced the cancellation of Liaoning Football's registration qualifications. This team with a glorious history has come to an end from this day.

尽管辽祖没有降级到第二阵容,但他再也没有机会再次看到他跟随的球队在北京。 2020年5月23日,辽宁足球俱乐部被正式判处死刑。中国足协发布公告,宣布取消辽宁足球的注册资格。这支拥有光荣历史的团队从今天起已经结束。

In fact, before that, Liaoning Football had been struggling in very difficult circumstances for many years, and the “change of life” every year has almost become a word of mouth among the fans. But from this day on, this stalk has also become history.


Liaozu once had its own brilliance and glory, which is why when it withdrew from the historical stage, so many people will be embarrassed.


The history of Liaozu can be traced back to 1953, when it was called the "Northeast Sports Training Football Team". The most glorious era for this team was in the 1980s. Since 1984, the Liaoning team has won ten championship trophies. It should be noted that the "ten consecutive championships" here does not refer to the ten consecutive championships in the league, but the ten championships in various competitions. They are:


1984 FA Cup champion

1984 fa cup champion

1985 League Championship


1986 FA Cup champion

1986 fa cup champion

1987 League Championship


1988 League Championship


1990 League Champion, Asian Club Cup Champion


1991 League Championship


1992 League Championship


1993 National Games champion


Among them, the 1990 Asian Club Cup champion is the most worthy trophy.


The Asian Club Cup is the predecessor of the AFC. We all know that Evergrande won the first AFC Champions League in Chinese football in 2013. But before Evergrande, Liaozu once stood on top of Asia.


On April 29, 1990, the Liaoning team played against the Japanese Nissan Motor Team in Shenyang, which is now the Yokohama Mariners. A week ago, Liaozu defeated their opponents 2-1 away. Back at home, Liao Football drew 1-1 with Xu Hui's goal and won the Asian Club Cup. This is also the first time a Chinese football club has won the championship of a top club event in Asia.


How high is the gold content of this champion? At that time, the Japanese league already had foreign aid, the Nissan Motor Team had three Brazilian foreign aids, and the Liaoning Football Team was a national class. And in the first round of the away game, Yokohama created some difficulties for Liaozu. The training ground is sandy land, the gym is all connected by Liaozu at his own expense, and the food is average. Even so, Liaoning still faced opponents with one win and one tie.


At that time, in the second round of the Liaozu home stadium, the entire stadium was full. There is no video of this game. There is a saying that the ribbons thrown by the fans were blown onto the wires by the wind, which caused the circuit to short-circuit. After winning the championship, the Liao football team members used the Asian Club Cup trophy and drank beer, arrogantly dry.


Li Yingfa, the Liao football coach at that time, was very confident before the game. He and the leader said two vociferous words: "Dongdu Fusang flag opened to victory, return to Shenyang to succeed." The reason why he can be so confident is because Liaozu had a very strong player reserve at that time, and even the substitutes were from the national name. The age structure of the team is also very reasonable. They are all in their prime, and success is a matter of course.


In 1994, Chinese football entered the professional stage. At that time, Liaozu was taken over by the Far East Group. However, Liaoning Far East is not the most wealthy team, and does not have the advantage of retaining people in the professional football market. Star players such as Li Bing and Ma Lin left the team for transfer. Among them, Li Bing moved to Guangdong Hongyuan, setting a record of 640,000 yuan.


Economic problems led to the exodus of talents, and the exodus of talents led to a decline in performance. The ten champions of the year were unfortunately relegated in the 1995 season. The News Network on November 12, 1995 also reported the news of Liaoning’s relegation. This was also the only time "News Network" reported news related to team relegation in a football match.

经济问题导致人才外流,而人才外流导致绩效下降。不幸的是,当年的十个冠军在1995赛季降级了。 1995年11月12日的新闻网也报道了辽宁降级的消息。这也是“新闻网”唯一一次报道与足球比赛中球队降级有关的新闻。

In the history of the Chinese professional league, apart from the results on the pitch, there is one more thing that everyone is very impressed by the Liaoning Football League: they frequently change their home city. Although Liaozu's home game was initially in Shenyang, more often they are in a wandering state.


In 1997, the Liaoning team moved to Fushun.


In 1998, the Liaoning team moved to Dalian Jinzhou.


In 1999, the Liaoning team returned to Fushun.


In 2002, the Liaoning team moved their home stadium out of Liaoning Province and came to Beijing for the Olympic Games.


In 2003, the Liaoning team returned to Fushun.


In 2005, the Liaoning team changed their home games twice, playing in Yingkou in the first half of the season and in Anshan in the second half of the season.


In 2009, the Liaoning team moved to Jinzhou.


In 2014, the Liaoning team moved to Panjin.


In 2016, the Liaoning team returned to Shenyang.


Among them, Liaozu was forced to leave Beijing, which is an event worthy of separate elaboration. At that time, Shenyang also had the Jinde Club (the predecessor of Guangzhou R&F), and Shenyang did not support the return of Liaozu to Shenyang. Liaozu, who had been unable to solve the problem at home, contacted the National Olympic Sports Center in Beijing and moved the home stadium out of the province. They also sold their team's naming rights for 26 million yuan and changed their name to "Bird Fighting Team", even saving the word "Liaoning", which caused great dissatisfaction among Liaoning fans.


However, Cheng Penghui, general manager of the club at the time, said that the club had no venues available in the province and had to go. Although Liaozu has a group of idol-level stars, they cannot get real support from fans in Beijing. Zhao Junzhe recalled that the slogan that Beijing fans shouted the most to Liao football players at the time was: "Go home! Go home!"


In the first round of the league that year, it was precisely Beijing Guoan who fought against Bird. In the end, Guoan won 1-0 with Wang Tao's goal. Beijing fans never think that this kind of game belongs to "Beijing Derby", saying that Liaoning Football is like a "child raised by a stepmother" to their fans.


In competitions in other cities, Liaoning Football also encountered more or less problems. For example, during the Fushun period, the club set up an operating company, but owed taxes and rent for the stadium. These economic problems restrict the development of Liaozu and also restrict their cooperation with various localities. They can only wander around like homeless.


But after professionalization, Liaoning Football Club actually had a chance to change its destiny. It's just that God only gave them this opportunity, and they missed it.


In 1998, the young Liaoning team returned to Class A as second in Class B. In the FA Cup that year, they also played the role of a dark horse, reaching the finals all the way, before losing to Shenhua. In the first season of returning to A-A, the Liaoning Football Team ranked among the top with a wave of consecutive victories and has great hopes of winning. If they could win the championship that year, they would advance the Chinese version of "Kaiserslautern Miracle" created by Evergrande in 2011 by 12 years.


Li Jinyu, Zhang Yuning, and Qu Shengqing formed the "Golden Jade Saint" combination, which was invincible in the frontcourt. In addition, the players of the Liaoning team are handsome, young and energetic, and they are almost always at home. In every away game, there are enthusiastic fans who come to find the players to sign. This team that stirred up the youth storm was called the "Liao Xiaohu".


At that time, Guoan had a mediocre record, and the match against Liaozu had no desire. But before the game, as public opinion was talking about Liaoning Football's championship, it aroused the morale of the Guoan team and wanted to fight hard in this highly anticipated game. What's more, Guoan didn't want to pass a defeat and put himself under suspicion of releasing water.


Originally this game Liaozu was 1-0 leading. But Gao Leilei of the Guoan team cast a cold arrow and scored a world wave to equalize the score. Liaoning Football played more and more anxiously, and was eventually tied, lost the championship, and also achieved Shandong Luneng's first top league championship.


After the game, conflict broke out between Liaozu and Guoan. There are also Liaoning fans accusing Guoan: "What benefits do you receive from Shandong?" But such accusations are actually groundless. Seeing the trophy flying away in their hands caused the mentality of the Liaoning team from players to fans to collapse.


If the Liaoning team can win the championship when they just rushed to the first A, their fate will be completely different. Unfortunately, history has no ifs. Coach Zhang Yin's strict management of the team has gradually created a gap between the children he has cultivated and him. This Liaoning foot also gradually fell apart.


The "Quyueheng Incident" has also become a representative incident of a series of internal problems in Liaozu. Liaozu’s star of hope Qu Yueheng completed a hat-trick in the Super Cup. While his career was on the rise, he was paralyzed in a car accident and his football career ended. At that time, it was Liaoning Football's main forward Zhang Yuning who was driving. In the accident, Zhang Yuning suffered only minor injuries.

“ Quueueheng事件”也已成为辽祖一系列内部问题的代表事件。辽祖的希望之星曲月恒在超级杯上完成了帽子戏法。当他的职业生涯不断发展时,他在一场车祸中瘫痪了,他的足球生涯结束了。当时是辽宁足球的主要前锋张允宁在开车。事故中,张裕宁仅受轻伤。

According to Qu Leheng, the accident was planned by Zhang Yuning and the underworld gang. This incident put Zhang Yuning himself and the Liaoning club under tremendous pressure from public opinion. The morale and cohesion of the team also suffered a major blow. The results began to decline, and a team with strong competition for the championship gradually became mediocre.


More importantly, due to its own business problems, Liaoning Football started the road to gradually sell star players.


In 2001, Qu Shengqing joined Shanghai Shenhua and Xiao Zhanbo joined Qingdao Yizhong Manatee.

in 2001, Q US恒庆joined Shanghai S狠话and X IA oz韩波joined Qing到Y I中manatee.

In 2002, Bai Guanghai joined Chongqing Lifan and Li Tie joined Everton.


In 2003, Zhang Yuning joined Shanghai Shenhua, Li Yao joined Dalian Shide, and Qu Dong joined Yunnan Hongta.

in 2003, Zhang Y U宁joined shanghais狠话, l i Y AO joined DA连shi的, and Q u dong joined Yunnan hong他.

In 2004, Li Jinyu joined Shandong Luneng and Lu Gang joined Qingdao Yizhong Manatee.

in 2004, l i jin于join eds撼动LUN Eng and l u gang joined Qing到Y I中manatee.

In 2005, Zhang Yonghai and Wang Xinxin joined Shenzhen Jianlibao on loan.

in 2005, Zhang Yong海岸的Wang X in新joined she N镇j Ian礼包on loan.

In 2006, Wang Liang joined Shandong Luneng.

in 2006, Wang l i昂join eds撼动l u能.

In 2007, Xu Liang joined Guangzhou Pharmaceutical.

in 2007, X UL i昂joined Guangzhou pharmaceutical.

In 2009, Dai Lin joined Shanghai Shenhua.

in 2009, D爱Lin joined shanghais狠话.

In 2013, Yang Xu joined Shandong Luneng and Yu Hanchao joined Dalian Albin.

in 2013, yang X u join eds撼动LUN Eng Andy u Han超joined DA连A来宾.

In 2016, Zhang Lu joined Tianjin Quanjian, Qin Sheng joined Shanghai Shenhua, and Ding Jie joined Chongqing Lifan.

in 2016, Zhang l u joined TI暗金Q U按键, Q INS横joined shanghais狠话, and ding J IE joined Chongqing l i翻.

In 2017, Yang Shanping joined Tianjin Quanjian and Jin Taiyan joined Beijing Guoan.

in 2017, yang shan ping joined TI暗金Q U按键and jin Tai眼joined Beijing GU o按.

In 2018, Hu Yanqiang joined Beijing Guoan and Yang Yu joined Qingdao Huanghai.

in 2018, hu ya N枪joined Beijing GU OA NAND yang Y u joined Qing到Huang还.



There are two main reasons for the demise of Liaoning Football Club: the constraints of the local economic environment and the lack of football reserves.


Regardless of the fans' opinions on the investor, Hongyun Group, Hongyun has invested more than 10 years in Liaozu. During this period, there was no more powerful company to take over Liaozu, and Hongyun also showed its incompetence in the rising cost of Chinese football.


In the last season of Liaozu, the 36-year-old foreign center Mulenga struggled to support the team's offensive line, but Liaozu still almost bid farewell to the professional league as a Chinese second team. At present, Mulenga still hopes to get back his salary for one year through the Football Association. If foreign aid is the case, let alone domestic players.


Originally, although the Liaozu who sold people continued to weaken their own strength, they obtained the funds to survive, and sold people every year. In a sense, it was also because there were excellent players that could be appreciated by others. But in recent years, Liaozu has gradually declined. A large part of the reason is that even if they want to sell people, no one can sell them.


In addition to the "Liao Xiaohu" players trained by Zhang Yin, Liaoning also has two very good players. One of them is the Liaoning Youth Team players acquired by the Liaoning Football Club in 2001, including players such as Zheng Zhi, Xu Liang, Wang Xinxin and Zhang Yonghai. The other group is the players Yang Xu, Yu Hanchao, Dai Lin and Yang Shanping purchased from Dalian Railway Club in 2003. But after that, Liaoning no longer has a rookie that shines.


This is also related to the overall environment of Chinese football. The selection of talents has become narrower, causing the club's reserve forces to be unable to keep up. In addition to the consequence that no one can sell, there is also a consequence visible to the naked eye, that is, the results on the court fall off a cliff. Even the two groups of players mentioned above are not strictly trained by Liaozu, but bought.


After the 2017 season, the Liaoning team was at the bottom of the Super League and was relegated to the Chinese Premier League.


In the 2018 season, the Liaoning team only won the 8th place in China.


In the 2019 season, the Liaoning team won only 15th place in China A, and only after passing the A and B playoffs can they be relegated.


Judging from the record in recent years, even if the Liaoning Football team can survive, it is only a matter of time before they fall into the Chinese League.


After Liaoning was confirmed to die, my Liaoning friend who worked in Beijing posted a circle of friends. He wrote:


Perhaps in the years of chaos, what Liaoning still makes some diehard fans feel for this team is the unforgettable history and feelings.


Scattered into mud and crushed into dust, only the fragrance remains the same.


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