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A few months ago, the acquisition of Newcastle was agitated. There was a precedent from the relegation team to the championship team Manchester City. Newcastle fans are particularly looking forward to the team’s acquisition by a $1.4 trillion consortium. The magpie in the northeast is expected to become the next super club that will dominate European football and shock the world. By now, the Newcastle acquisition proposal has long since fallen through.


With the development of mineral resources in the two places, more and more people are starting to flock to this quiet place to seek work. George and Robert Stevenson of Newcastle built the steam engine, Joseph Swan improved the electric light, and the Northeast became a heavy industrial town in England and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.


The biggest problem for the Northeast team in recent years is not just being poor, but there are no players or coaches willing to accept contracts from the Northeast team. A typical example is the Danish striker Brethwaite played for Middlesbrough for a short period of time, but at the end of the league he began to strike out and ask the team to loan himself to other teams. A large part of the reason is because of the Northeast. The weather is not suitable and the daily life of the players cannot be satisfied. The population of Middlesbrough is only 300,000. There are no modern shopping malls in the whole city. If you want to buy some home improvement and consumer goods, the only choice is to go to the surrounding large-scale City can only buy. Secondly, the cold weather conditions are also a big challenge for foreign players!


If Saudi Arabia’s acquisition is successful, Newcastle United’s domestic youth training ranks 12th and 112th in the world. Considering the investment of the Saudi consortium in the training team in recent years, the best option for increasing investment must be training! Newcastle’s youth training strength and infrastructure are bound to advance by leaps and bounds. A better scout team and infrastructure will of course affect the basic youth training strength of the Northeast team. Newcastle will monopolize the excellent young seed players, but now Middlesbrough and Sunderland, which are extremely dependent on youth training, and even the East of England The Ipsnovich and Norwich teams will be greatly affected and even go bankrupt.


The youth training strength of the Northeast is still relatively high among the English clubs. It has an advanced training base and a better coaching team. Several teams led by Middlesbrough have been mixed in the English low-level leagues all the year round. All depend on young players to make their fortunes, from rising star goalkeeper Pierce to Spence, who is very likely to become the next Arnold...The strength of the youth academy in northeast England cannot be underestimated. If Newcastle sits on the investment of a super consortium, the team will have more opportunities to play in major cups and European games. This is a big temptation for young players. With advanced coaching team and training facilities, Newcastle will It will monopolize the excellent resources of young players in the northeast of England, which is a great blow to the team that is still striving to upgrade.


Everyone said that after the acquisition of Newcastle, it will become the next Premier League Big7. Indeed, we have seen the inhumanity of the Saudi consortium, but this is not good for the healthy development of the entire Northeast, Middlesbrough and San Francisco. Derain's financial resources are limited and there is no background, and it is bound to be impossible to sign, let alone compete with Newcastle for possible target players. This is even worse for the two teams that are still looking for a chance to surpass.

大家都说,收购纽卡斯尔之后,它将成为下一个英超Big7。确实,我们已经看到沙特财团的不人道现象,但这不利于整个东北,米德尔斯堡和旧金山的健康发展。 Derain的财务资源有限,没有背景,而且注定不可能签署,更不用说与纽卡斯尔争夺可能的目标球员了。对于仍在寻找超越机会的两支球队来说,情况甚至更糟。

The lack of face in the German game is also a big problem.


Most gold owners will never want to become a competitor when they encounter such a heavyweight consortium as Saudi Arabia. This is devastating for Sunderland, which is still in the League. Sunderland is now Still looking for opportunities to wait for the host to settle in to help him return to the Premier League.


After losing the local Toyota car factory and the basic industries of many large consortia, Sunderland’s economic income from the secondary industry has shrunk significantly. Like Middlesbrough, which lost the British First Steel Group, the local employment rate has plummeted. , The revenue of local tickets and peripheral products also showed a cliff-like decline. Today, above money, no club can only rely on the meager input of the chairman and the board of directors to "succumb to life". For the Sunderland team, if there is such a consortium involved today, it is indispensable for the healthy development of the team!

在失去了当地的丰田汽车制造厂和许多大型财团的基础产业之后,桑德兰从第二产业获得的经济收入已大大减少。就像失去英国第一钢铁集团的米德尔斯堡一样,当地的就业率直线下万博最新登陆网址降。 ,当地门票和周边产品的收入也呈现出悬崖般的下降。今天,除了金钱以外,没有哪个俱乐部可以仅依靠董事长和董事会的微薄投入来“屈从于生命”。对于桑德兰团队来说,如果今天有这样的财团参与,对于团队的健康发展是必不可少的!

No matter what happens, I think the Northeast team can face each other on the court, but in the face of this kind of thing, don’t forget the uniqueness of the Northeast team, the kind of hard work and hard-hearted fighting. The operating philosophy of law, economy, and youth training is the only way to make the Northeast Alliance go further, rather than disappearing into the long river of history. Refer to the Bolton team. At the beginning of this century, the Bolton team was still a dark horse and a hunting dog in the Cup League, but now it is sinking into the second team, and the future is hopeless. The Northeast team relies on a group of football-loving bosses and fans who are willing to give everything to the team. They have never abandoned it until today. Although Sunderland and Middlesbrough have both been in the secondary league early, I believe As long as we work together and go hand in hand, we will eventually be able to join the Premier League one day and return to the former Northeast League that shook all the heroes and killed the Quartet.


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