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Time will always erode the past years, making memories gradually mottled. Those stars who have accompanied us, those legends who have influenced football, use the football under their feet to depict a colorful and colorful world. Football Hall of Fame, every Tuesday night at 10 o'clock, wonderful presentation. "I am a coach 3.0" will simultaneously launch Hall of Fame player cards for coaches to recruit!

时间将永远侵蚀过去的几年,使记忆逐渐斑驳。那些陪伴我们的明星,那些影响足球的传奇人物,都用脚下的足球描绘了一个丰富多彩的世界。足球名人堂,每个星期二晚上10点,精彩的演讲。 “我是教练3.0”将同时推出名人堂球员卡,供教练招募!

Flip Flap passed the opponent, No Look Pass deceived the camera, arranging the foot to send the pass, and using the barb to complete the goal...

Flip Flap越过对手,No Look传球欺骗了相机,安排了脚传球,并使用倒钩完成了球门。

Unlike Zidane’s romance, Rui Costa’s literature and art, Riquelme’s classic, Bergkamp’s elegance, and Ronaldinho’s football, it reveals inspiration, charm and freedom everywhere. With his magical feet, he played countless radiant and colorful movements.


If you really love football, you will definitely not dislike Ronaldinho.


Bernabeu, Real Madrid football temple. The fans here are known for their pride, and they rarely give applause to players from the visiting team. But on this night, the Bernabéu stood up and applauded a player from his rival Barcelona.


On November 20, 2005, the Spanish national derby. This is a century-old battle between silver and white and red and blue. It is also the pinnacle of Ronaldo, Zidane, Beckham, Raul and Ronaldinho, Eto'o, and Messi. Two generations of legendary superstars are competing in the same arena. Such a scene can only happen on the stage of the war of the century.


In the first half, Eto'o and Messi connected to help Barcelona


In the 58th minute of the second half, the climax of the game came.


After Ronaldinho got the ball in the midfield, he sprinted away. A rhythm change of four or two strokes flashed past Ramos's flying shovel all the way into the penalty area. In the face of El Guerra, who came up on defense, the Brazilian swayed the latter to stand in place with a change of direction, and then easily pushed to score close corners.

罗纳尔迪尼奥在中场拿到球后,他向后冲刺。拉莫斯的铲子一直飞到罚球区,四拍或两拍的节奏变化闪过。在面对防守的埃尔·格拉(El Guerra)的面前,巴西人以改变方向的方式让后者站稳了脚跟,然后轻松地将球逼近了角球。

1v3, half-time rush, even after Ramos, El Guerra, playing Cassie has no response!


This is not all.


In the 77th minute, Ronaldinho took the ball from the left and started to speed up against Ramos's close-fitting press. With only one step, he threw off the defense and broke into the penalty area, facing the helpless Cassie from a small angle and shot the far corner. . 3-0! The Bernabeu fans stood up and applauded the Brazilian wizard's performance. This is the ultimate recognition from a mortal enemy!

第77分钟,罗纳尔迪尼奥(Ronaldinho)从左路拿起球,开始加速对抗拉莫斯(Ramos)的紧逼新闻。仅一步之遥,他就甩开了防守,冲入禁区,从一个小角度面对无助的卡西,向远处射击。 。 3-0!伯纳乌的球迷站起身来,对这位巴西巫师的表现表示赞赏。这是致命敌人的终极认可!

Throughout the game, Ronaldinho was almost omnipotent. He passed Salgado and El Guerra, dangling Ramos three times and again, in the penalty area of ​​Real Madrid, he did not watch people pass the ball and kept looking for Eto. O and Messi kicked the wall twice over N...

在整个比赛中,小罗几乎是万能的。他在萨尔加多和埃尔格拉(El Guerra)一次又一次地晃晃了拉莫斯(Ramos),在皇家马德里的罚球区,他没有看到人们传球并一直在寻找埃托(Eto)。 O和Messi在N上踢了两次墙。

This is Ronaldinho, an elf born for football.


On March 21, 1980, a boy named Ronaldo was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. In order to distinguish him from the Ronaldo, who is called an "alien", fans call him Ronaldo affectionately.


Like many Brazilian players, Ronaldinho, who was born in poverty, first came into contact with futsal, and the streets were where they played and grew up. Assis, also a professional player, is Ronaldinho’s first idol.


When he was 8 years old, his father died of a heart attack. Ronaldinho's brother had to carry the burden of the family alone and travel around the world to support his family. finally,


In 1998, Ronaldinho, who followed his brother's footsteps, signed his first professional contract with the Gremio Club and began to show off his skills in the Brazilian football arena.

1998年,跟随他兄弟的足迹的罗纳尔迪尼奥(Ronaldinho)与格雷米奥俱乐部(Gremio Club)签订了他的第一份职业合同,并开始在巴西足球领域炫耀自己的技能。

Ronaldinho's outstanding talent quickly attracted the attention of European clubs. Premier League Arsenal once planned to take him to Highbury, but finally had to give up because of labor certification issues. In 2001, Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1 unexpectedly got this piece of jade, and Ronaldinho was going to Europe.

小罗的杰出才能迅速吸引了欧洲俱乐部的注意。英超阿森纳曾经计划将万博最新登陆网址他带到海布里,但由于劳工证书问题最终不得不放弃。 2001年,《圣女贞德1》中的巴黎圣日耳曼出人意料地拿到了这块玉,小罗正前往欧洲。

In the 2002 World Cup, Ronaldinho, who had experienced a year of Ligue 1 tempering, was the main force to compete with Brazil for the first time. He put on No. 11 and formed the famous 3R with his two big brothers Ronaldo and Rivaldo.

在2002年世界杯足球赛中,经历了一年Ligue 1回火的小罗成为了首次与巴西竞争的主要力量。他排在第11位,与他的两个大兄弟罗纳尔多和里瓦尔多组成了著名的3R。

However, after returning to the club, Ronaldinho's situation has not undergone a qualitative change due to the halo of the world champion. He became obsessed with the nightlife in Paris and began to be separated from the coach.


Spain, Barcelona, ​​one after another from Brazil have reached the top here-Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo... Now they ushered in another samba genius-Ronal Dino.


At that time, Barcelona was in a trough of no harvest for four consecutive years, and the club was full of waste. Even the most optimistic fans will never believe that the arrival of this Brazilian will change the entire La Liga and even the world football pattern.


Saying goodbye to the fashionable and romantic city and coming to the passionate Barcelona, ​​Ronaldinho quickly conquered the Nou Camp fans. His wonderful passes, extraordinary moves, fake moves, and wonderful goals have become a beautiful scenery in La Liga, and more and more Many fans came to the stadium just to witness Ronaldinho's performance.


In the 2003-04 season, Barcelona, ​​back on track, played a wave of 17 consecutive unbeaten rounds in the second half, chasing up from 12th in the league to second in the standings. Barcelona fans who have not had a championship for many years finally gained hope, and the name of hope is "


In the 2004-05 season, with the arrival of famous players such as Eto'o and Deco, Barcelona, ​​who completed the last piece of the puzzle, began to triumph. The 17-year-old genius boy named Lionel Messi was also in This season came to prominence.

在2004-05赛季,随着埃托奥和德科等著名球员的到来,巴塞罗那完成了最后一个难题,开始大获全胜。这个名叫莱昂内尔·梅西(Lionel Messi)的17岁天才男孩也参加了本赛季的比赛。

Facing the best defense line in Europe composed of Terry, Cech, and Carvalho, and facing the desperate situation where he had fallen behind by three goals in the first 20 minutes, Ronaldinho scored a penalty and then juggled at the top of the penalty area. He twisted his hips like left and right, swayed his legs in situ between the sparks and flints, and pierced the Chelsea gate with a clever toe shot.


In the process of this goal, the blues' nearly impeccable defense exposed a gap of one second, that is, this short second, allowing the talented Brazilian wizard to seize the opportunity.


Under Ronaldinho’s leadership, Barcelona finally regained the La Liga throne after a 6-year absence. In the summer, he led the Samba Army as the captain to win the Confederations Cup. Further on, it is the story of "Conquering the Bernabeu".


When he was young, his father once told Ronaldinho that there was a golden ball waiting for him in Europe. At the end of 2005, when Ronaldinho received the first European Golden Globe Award from his mother as expected, his eyes were red when he always loved to laugh.

小时候,他的父亲曾经告诉罗纳尔迪尼奥(Ronaldinho),欧洲有一个金球在等着他。 2005年底,小罗如预期般从母亲那里获得了首个欧洲金球奖,当他一直喜欢笑的时候,他的眼睛就红了。

He finally got the golden ball his father said before his death and became the best player on the planet. At that time, the whole world believed that the era of Ronaldinho had just begun and that he would win many trophies...


In the 2005-06 season, Barcelona, ​​playing beautiful football, completely conquered Europa.


In the first round of the knockout round, the revenge of Chelsea, Ronaldinho's home and away games, the second round of the lone team deeply overturned Terry's shot and scored a classic scene.


In the semi-finals against AC Milan, the Brazilian Elves took turns taking care of the defensive masters Nesta and Gattuso, and gave Jiuli an amazing assist.


Defending La Liga, reaching the top of Europe, dreaming of the second team, double crown... Ronaldinho’s football career reached its peak at this moment, no one would have thought,


In everyone’s eyes, the 2006 World Cup was supposed to be the coronation ceremony for Ronaldinho's ascension to the throne. However, he was overwhelmed by his exhaustion and pressure, and he was lost on this most important stage-five games without a goal. In, the game lost to France became Ronaldinho's last World Cup appearance.


The Samba Army, which is known as the strongest in history, has Kaka, Ade, Daxiaoluo, and Cafu Carlos, has gradually been forgotten in a corner of history.


We all know the following story. Laziness, injuries, and frequent conflicts in the dressing room gradually destroyed the once-popular Dream II team, and the red and blue dynasty just established by Barcelona quickly collapsed.

我们都知道以下故事。更衣室的懒惰,受伤和频繁发生的冲突逐渐摧毁了曾经广受欢迎的Dream II团队,而巴塞罗那刚刚建立的红色和蓝色王朝迅速瓦解。

The lazy training attitude and the indulgent off-court life eroded Ronaldinho's body and magic a little bit. He was no longer able to do what he wanted to do as before, and his powerlessness began to be written in every movement of his. The ups and downs showed him more and more criticism.


Maybe he got what he deserved, Ronaldinho has always lacked the motivation and determination to return to the top. In less than a year, the once world's first man quickly fell into the world. Despite the sporadic highlights, the Brazilian never returned to his former level


In 2008, Ronaldinho bid farewell to Barcelona, ​​who had played for five years.


After playing for Milan for two and a half years, the 30-year-old Ronaldinho finally left Europe and returned to where his dream began.


At the beginning of 2018, the elf finally stopped flying, hung up his boots, and officially left the beloved court. He is no longer the best in the omnipotent world back then,


Some time ago, Ronaldinho was imprisoned in Paraguay on suspicion of using a fake passport, but even in prison, the Brazilians are still very popular. The prison guards and fellow prisoners scrambled to take photos with him and ask for the signature "prisoner's clothes". Ronaldinho, who was invited to participate in the prison football league, used 11 goals in the final to help the team win the championship.


From Mr. Golden Ball to Mr. "Jin Prisoner", Ronaldinho's life is full of magical colors like his football.


With unpredictable imagination and unpredictable creativity, Ronaldinho can always create unexpected things on the court.


Ronaldinho at his peak was omnipotent in scoring, assisting, organizing, and breaking through. Bull's tail is well-known to the world at his feet, spoons, barbs, cycling, flower feet, scorpion tails, Marseilles swings, back passes...He is all over Both up and down are fake moves, and his every move can make his opponent behave like a snake.


Quirky and scheming,


We always like to assume something that cannot be changed-if Ronaldinho can be as pious as Kaka, self-disciplined like Ronaldo, and can only have football in his eyes like Messi, what height will he reach?


Ronaldinho from 2004 to 2006 was the best player in the world, not one of them.


However, his time is too short, like a meteor piercing the night sky, dazzling, but fleeting. Even so, this moment of beauty will remain forever in the mottled memories of our generation of fans.


Football is a beautiful sport. She has more than trophies and victories.


Today's world football is an era that is extremely demanding on geniuses. Everyone is playing the most efficient, reasonable, and machine-like football. In the world of football that is increasingly pursuing the overall, we may no longer find a player like Ronaldinho, a


Because there is only one Ronaldinho in this world.


There will always be only one Ronaldinho in the world, for generations to come.


Recalling the legend, now we have one more opportunity: Ronaldinho has been added to the game "I am a coach 3.0", waiting for you to experience it.


1998-01: Gremio


2001-03: Paris Saint-Germain


2003-08: Barcelona


2008-11: AC Milan


2011-12: Flamenco


2012-14: Atletico Mineiro


2014-15: Querétaro


2015: Fromminese


Club career: 167 goals in 441 games


National team career: 33 goals in 97 games


European Golden Globe Awards: 2005


World Footballer: 2004, 2005


South American Footballer: 2013


La Liga Championship: 2005, 2006


Spanish Super Cup champion: 2005, 2006


Copa Libertadores Cup Winner: 2013


World Cup champion: 2002


America's Cup Champion: 1999


Confederations Cup Champion: 2005


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