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The 1996-97 season Champions League final. As the defending champion, in the two rounds of the semi-finals, he defeated the formidable Ajax with a total score of 6-2. He also just won the 1996-97 Serie A championship, writing a 6-1 AC Milan's historic victory. In the victory, Lippi was in the clouds, his command was unfavorable, Juventus became the best team in Europe, it was in this light illusion that Lippi suffered a severe blow.


Juventus was too optimistic about the finals, completely underestimating the opponent's strength and the difficulties of away games in Germany. The main goalkeeper Peruzi was the day before the final. His wife gave birth to his youngest daughter. Lippi actually let him go back for a visit. As a result, the absent-minded Peruzi fell below the standard after returning to the team. Lippi’s most trusted love will still be in this state. The team can be seen.

尤文图斯对总决赛过于乐观,完全低估了对手的实力和德国客场比赛的难度。主要的门将佩鲁兹是决赛的前一天。他的妻子生了他最小的女儿。 Lippi实际上让他回去参观。结果,心不在ent的佩鲁兹在回到球队后跌到了标准以下。 Lippi最受信任的爱仍然会保持这种状态。可以看到团队。

Dortmund quickly entered the form at the beginning, and soon joined the two cities. In the second half, Juventus woke up like a dream, Lippi gambled and replaced Piero, who had just recovered from a long-term injury. Although Piero performed a scissor kick in front of the goal, Dortmund Heathfield also made a god substitution. , The teenager Ricken played only 20 seconds, the first touch of the ball saw Peruzi strike out of the penalty area, and the long-range goal was successful, Lippi was no longer able to recover.

多特蒙德一开始便万博官网迅速输入表格,并很快加入了两个城市。下半场,尤文图斯如梦般醒来,利皮赌博并接替了刚从长期伤病中恢复过来的皮耶罗。尽管皮耶罗在球门前开了一把剪刀脚,但多特蒙德·希思菲尔德还是替补了神。 ,少年里肯(Ricken)仅仅上场了20秒,第一次触球就看到佩鲁兹(Peruzi)射出禁区,远射成功了,利皮(Lippi)不再能够康复。

This is the first blow Lippi has suffered since he coached Juventus. Since then, Lippi's luck has begun to reverse. The defeat against Dortmund also opened the way for Lippi to lose three times in the Champions League final.


The 20th round of Serie A in the 1998-99 season. Juventus suffered a crushing defeat, which directly led to Lippi's resignation.


In fact, Juventus has declined significantly this season. The main players such as Zidane have suffered from World Cup sequelae and their performance is weak. The club believes too much in the original lineup and has not made a large investment in signings. In addition, Piero suffered a severe leg injury and had already played before Parma. With repeated defeats, the league championship is definitely hopeless.


Against Parma, Juventus started very smoothly and scored one goal. But then the defense lost 4 consecutive goals and completely collapsed, in which Crespo performed a hat trick.


Lippi was extremely dissatisfied with the players' performance. After the game, he even had a physical conflict with Deschamps and others in the locker room. Lippi, who had a hard personality, felt that he had no power to control the situation and left a famous personal life saying: If the responsibility lies with me, I go!


This is Lippi's first time at Juventus, ending the five-year cycle of Juventus.


One of the reasons Lippi lost control at Juventus in the 1998-99 season was that he had determined not to renew his contract with Juventus and would go to Inter Milan to coach. After the players knew that he would not stay, the hearts of the players were lost.


But Inter Milan became an unbearable page in Lippi’s career, with the ambition to compete for the championship. After a huge investment, he could only barely keep four and squeeze into the Champions League-but entering the Champions League is not so much a passing, it is better. Personal shame. Lippi and Baggio had a deep contradiction. In the end, the play-off for Parma to qualify for the Champions League, Baggio was brilliant, a free kick, a volley outside the penalty area, Inter Milan won 3-1 and entered the Champions League, Lippi relied on private enemies to save , Is simply a humiliation.


But the greater humiliation is still to come-relying on Baggio to qualify for the Champions League, unexpectedly, Inter Milan was eliminated by the third-rate underdog Helsingborg in the qualifying, which made Lippi feel complacent. As Regina in the first round of the league, the team has completely lost confidence. Lippi, furious at the team's weakness and weakness, left another famous saying: I can't wait to kick the team!


But it was himself who was kicked out first. Moratti could no longer tolerate Lippi. He would dismiss the get out of class in the first round of the season. For a professional coach, there is no more humiliating page than this.


The reasons for Lippi’s failure at Inter Milan are complex. He is used to ruling the army with an iron hand at Juventus, but the chaotic management of Inter Milan does not guarantee a smooth coaching environment. In addition, Lippi’s Juventus background is too deep and he is under great pressure at Inter Milan. , Slightly unhappy his Juventus background was immediately carried out for criticism. In the locker room, Lippi's staunch personality made it difficult to subdue the players, and the crowd left in the end.

里皮在国际米兰失败的原因很复杂。他习惯于在尤文图斯铁腕统治军队,但是国际米兰的混乱管理并不能保证一个平稳的教练环境。此外,利皮(Lippi)的尤文图斯(Juventus)的背景太深,他在国际米兰承受着巨大的压力。 ,他对尤文图斯的背景感到有点不满,他立即遭到批评。在更衣室里,Lippi坚定的性万博官网格使他难以制服球员,而最后的人群却荡然无存。

In the 20th round of Serie A in the 2003-04 season, Lippi suffered his worst score in Serie A. Like the 1998-99 season, Juventus entered the middle of the season and began to lose its stamina and stumbled. It was obviously not in a championship state. For Lippi and Juventus, who failed to win the championship, it has already made people feel that they will be empty-handed. Season.


With this mental state, Juventus was slaughtered at the Rome Olympics. Totti and Cassano shined brightly. After the game, Totti extended 4 fingers to Juventus players, which was deeply remembered by Juventus players.


This was also the last time Lippi and Capello played against the two most outstanding Italian coaches in the 1990s. Capello beat Lippi with the biggest score. Since then Lippi has never coached Serie A.


After winning the 2006 World Cup miraculously, Lippi became an Italian national hero, but Lippi, who has a hard personality, has also gone another way-too ​​superstitious, too arrogant, and can't listen to any opinions. He often said, "I won the World Cup. "Press people.


Throughout the preparations for the 2010 World Cup, Italy was slack, and it seemed that there must be a road to the mountain. In 2009, the Confederations Cup for the World Cup exercises, Italy was in a mess. The group was defeated by Brazil 0-3. However, Lippi's halo was too strong and it was considered that this was "Italy intentionally concealed its strength" rather than a manifestation of its true level.

在为2010年世界杯做准备的整个过程中,意大利人都很懈怠,似乎必须有一条通往高山的道路。 2009年,在联合会杯进行的世界杯练习中,意大利陷入一片混乱。该小组以0-3被巴西击败。但是,利皮的光环太强了,人们认为这是“意大利故意隐瞒其力量”,而不是其真实水平的体现。

In the World Cup, Italy was tied for the two games. The outside world is still superstitious about Lippi, thinking that "the old fox is cunning again." The 1982 World Cup Italy team tied for three consecutive times, and the next four consecutive victories were remembered, but no one thought it was The true level of Italy.

在世界杯上,意大利获得了两场比赛的并列。外界仍然对Lippi感到迷信,认为“老狐狸又在狡猾”。 1982年世界杯意大利队连续三场并列,接下来的四场胜利都被铭记在心,但没有人认为这是意大利的真正水平。

Finally, in the last game of the group, the soap bubble burst. There is no "hidden power" nor "sly old fox". One of the greatest celebrities in history. Such aura has no effect on qualifying. It's the score, not the "halo".


Lippi left without looking back. The World Cup defeat left him in seclusion for two full years. The extremely confident Lippi went to the other extreme, becoming extremely unconfident, and rejected many comeback coaches. Opportunity-until the emergence of Evergrande.


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