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Author | Ebar's chief fan, blue whale mouth

作者| Ebar的首席粉丝,蓝鲸嘴

Although I have supported Ebar for five or six years, I have never been a qualified La Liga fan. Kevin Rodriguez, known as Ronaldo, played five years for Real Sociedad, the big brother team in the same province, less than 40 kilometers away from Ebar. I know very little about him. Unlike Athletic Bilbao, which adheres to Basqueism, the Royal Sociedad’s team’s idea of ​​building a team is to check that it is open to foreign young talents on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is also sticking to the province of Guipúzcoa and looking at the entire Basque Country. , Even the western part of France, which belongs to the Pan-Basque cultural region, also has a complete scouting system, which is by no means complacent. For example, the French international Griezmann currently playing for Barcelona is a good example. And Ronaldo and Griezmann are similar, but they are different.

尽管我已经为Ebar提供了五六年的支持,但我从未成为过西甲合格的球迷。凯文·罗德里格斯(Kevin Rodriguez)被称为罗纳尔多(Ronald),为同省的哥哥兄弟皇家社会(Real Sociedad)效力了五年,该球队距离埃巴尔(Ebar)不到40公里。我对他知之甚少。与坚持巴斯克主义的毕尔巴鄂竞技不同,皇家社会队的团队建设理念是一方面要检查它是否对外国年轻人才开放,另一方面,它也坚持对西班牙的支持。吉普斯夸(Guipúzcoa),并注视着整个巴斯克地区。 ,甚至属于泛巴斯文化区的法国西部也拥有完整的侦察系统,这绝不是自满的。例如,目前效力于巴塞罗那的法国国脚格里兹曼就是一个很好的例子。罗纳尔多和格里兹曼相似,但他们不同。

Ronaldo was born in Bayonne on the border between Spain and France in 1994. This place traditionally belongs to the Basque Country in France, but his parents are from Portugal. Although Portugal, located at the western tip of the European continent, had the glory of the great maritime era, its economic development has been slow since entering modern times. The traditional industrial structure dominated by agriculture and fisheries has made many Portuguese choose to leave their homes in pursuit of a better life. I personally like a Christmas warmth movie "True Love First". There is a story in which Collin Firth plays a British novelist whose wife cheated. He came to France to write, find inspiration, and heal his wounds. The result is similar to Portuguese-speaking writers. The maid's affection was secretly born. Unfortunately, due to language barriers, the two were unable to complain to each other. With a mouthful of plastic Portuguese, the writer came to the Portuguese-speaking area of ​​Marseille and found the maid’s family, and found that the maid was also working hard to learn English, hoping to communicate with him normally. Of course, the lover eventually got married. As can be seen from the movie, Portuguese immigrants in France are already an ethnic group that cannot be ignored. From among them walked out of Arsenal, Villarreal famous Pires, today's protagonist Ronaldo, and Dortmund's Guerrero. Only Pires chose France, and Ronaldo and Guerrero ultimately chose Portugal, the country representing their ancestors.

罗纳尔多(Ronald)于1994年出生在西班牙和法国接壤的巴约讷(Bayonne)。这个地方传统上属于法国巴斯克地区(Basque Country),但他的父母来自葡萄牙。尽管位于欧洲大陆最西端的葡萄牙拥有伟大的海事时代的荣耀,但自进入现代以来,其经济发展一直很缓慢。由农业和渔业主导的传统产业结构使许多葡萄牙人选择离开家园追求更好的生活。我个人喜欢圣诞节温暖电影《真爱为先》。有个故事,科林·菲斯(Collin Firth)扮演一位英国小说家,妻子被骗。他来法国写作,寻找灵感并治愈伤口。其结果类似于说葡萄牙语的作家。女佣的感情是秘密产生的。不幸的是,由于语言障碍,两人无法互相抱怨。带着一口塑料葡萄牙语,作家来到马赛葡萄牙语地区,找到了女佣的家人,发现女佣也在努力学习英语,希望能与他正常沟通。当然,恋人最终结婚了。从电影中可以看出,法万博最新登陆网址国的葡萄牙移民已经是一个不可忽视的族裔群体。从他们中间走出阿森纳,比利亚雷亚尔著名的皮雷斯,今天的主角罗纳尔多和多特蒙德的格雷罗。只有皮雷斯(Pires)选择了法国,罗纳尔多(Ronaldo)和格雷罗(Guerrero)最终选择了葡萄牙,该国代表他们的祖先。

Back to Ronaldo, because he grew up in the French Basque region, he entered the Spanish Basque team's vision very early. In 2006, he entered the youngest echelon of the Royal Society, and this period of history is usually easily overlooked. The main reason is that this period of time is not long. Due to missed penalty kicks in key matches, Ronaldo was abandoned by the team and returned to his hometown to continue playing for the Toulouse echelon.

回到罗纳尔多之后,由于他在法国巴斯克地区长大,因此很早就进入了西班牙巴斯克团队的视野。 2006年,他进入了皇家学会最年轻的梯队,这一时期通常很容易被忽视。主要原因是这段时间不长。由于在关键比赛中错过点球,罗纳尔多被球队遗弃,回到家乡继续为图卢兹梯队效力。

He entered the Toulouse team at the age of 18, but unfortunately there are not many opportunities to represent the first team.


When he was transferred to the Dijon team at the age of 20, he only played twice on behalf of the first team.


The turning point came in 2015. Although he was abandoned by the Royal Sociedad youth training, he did not break away from the team's scout vision. In this year, he came from France to the B team of Real Sociedad. After several years of experience, he finally entered the first team of the Royal Society at the age of 23. His road to the imperial house is inseparable from the old sports director Olabi. Originally, the left-back of Real Sociedad was Yuri, and his fate with Real Sociedad was also a couple of points. However, after helping Evar promoted to La Liga in the 2014-15 season, Real Sociedad finally chose to keep him. However, the old Olabi believes that the team should focus on cultivating young people, so Yuri, who was not old at the time, must give way to Ronaldo. So Yuri chose to go to Paris Saint-Germain, the French carrier, and went to Emery, the senior of the Royal Society. Yuri's situation stimulated the defender Inegg Martinez to a certain extent. Behind every starter of professional football there are one or more ambitious young people, whose degree of involution is no less than that of coders from major IT manufacturers. In the end, Ronaldo's butterfly flapped its wings and stirred up the storm that Martinez switched to Athletic Bilbao.

转折点发生在2015年。尽管他被皇家社会青年训练所抛弃,但他并没有脱离球队的球探视野。今年,他从法国来到皇家社会的B队。经过几年的经验,他终于在23岁时进入了皇家学会的一队。他通往皇室的道路与老体育总监奥拉比(Olabi)密不可分。最初,皇家社会的左后卫是尤里(Yuri),而他在皇家社会的命运也有几点。然而,在帮助埃瓦在2014-15赛季晋升西甲之后,皇家社会终于选择保留他。但是,旧的奥拉比(Olabi)认为,团队应该专注于培养年轻人,因此当时还不大的尤里(Yuri)必须让位给罗纳尔多(Ronardo)。因此,尤里(Yuri)选择去法国航空公司的巴黎圣日耳曼(Paris Saint-Germain),并去了皇家学会(Royal Society)的长者埃默里(Emery)。尤里的情况在一定程度上激发了后卫伊涅格·马丁内斯的注意。在每一个职业足球开门红的背后,都有一个或多个雄心勃勃的年轻人,他们的内向度不低于主要IT制造商的编码员。最后,罗纳尔多的蝴蝶拍打着翅膀,激起马丁内斯转投毕尔巴鄂竞技的风暴。

It's just that Yuri's departure did not leave Ronaldo with a place, especially after Alguasil's commanding seal, Ronaldo had no chance. Monreal returned to Spain, coupled with Ronaldo’s own injuries, his chances of playing were not even as good as his younger brother Muñoz, so Ronaldo was loaned to the Leganes team last season.


Ebar's last season's final game, an originally unutilitarian game, the team's iron-played left back Kurt suffered a serious injury to the front cruciate ligament and is expected to recover in 2021. Reality suddenly pushed Rafa Soares on loan to the starting lineup. During the offseason, Evar also had rumors of transfers with many left-backs, but in the end there was nothing. By this year's league debut, Mendy Liba simply pushed the left-footed center back Bigas into the starting lineup of the left-back, and the team's stretch is evident. Fortunately, the team quickly announced Luo. This loan is very cost-effective for Ebar. Ronaldo can play all the positions on the left, which is equivalent to one person who can alleviate the shortage of personnel in multiple positions on the left. As usual, all Evar players on loan should have Buyout clause. It's just that there is no relevant report yet, and I personally estimate that the buyout cost should be between 2 million and 2.4 million. The contract between Ronaldo and Real Sociedad is not until 2022. In terms of Alguahir's performance in the previous season, it is still difficult for him to get ahead in the Real Sociedad. It is a good choice to choose to rent out. Ebar is not far from San Sebastian. The two cities have high-speed links throughout the journey, but if you drive too fast, you may accidentally miss the exit to Ebar. Ronaldo commutes to and from get off work every day, not necessarily farther than the office workers in Beishang and Shenzhen, it can be regarded as the same money, better opportunities, and work closer to home.

Ebar上赛季的最后一场比赛本来是不实用的比赛,但球队的铁杆左后卫Kurt对前十字韧带造成了严重伤害,并有望在2021年恢复。现实突然将Rafa Soares租借到首发阵容中。在休赛期,埃瓦也有传闻说转会很多,而左后卫却没什么。在今年的联赛首秀中,Mendy Liba只是将左脚中后卫Bigas推入了左后卫的首发阵容,这支球队的实力显而易见。幸运的是,团队很快宣布了罗。这笔贷款对Ebar来说非常划算。罗纳尔多可以打左边的所有位置,相当于一个人可以减轻左边多个位置的人员短缺。与往常一样,所有租借的Evar玩家都应具有Buyout条款。只是没有相关的报告,我个人估计买断成本应该在200万到240万之间。罗纳尔多和皇家社会之间的合同要到2022年。就阿瓜希尔在上赛季的表现而言,他仍然很难在皇家社会取得领先。选择出租是一个不错的选择。 Ebar离圣塞瓦斯蒂安不远。这两个城市在整个旅程中都有高速链接,但是如果您开车太快,则可能会意外错过通往Ebar的出口。罗纳尔多每天上下班上下班,不一定比北上和深圳的上班族走得更远,它可以被看作是同等的金钱,更好的机会,并且离家更近。

It is worth mentioning that Ebar favors those players who have experienced the national youth team. This usually means that players have a prominent place in the same age group. Although Ronaldo doesn't have many opportunities in the adult national team, his youth team is very promising. In 2012-13, his teammates in the French U19 national team are Martial currently playing for Manchester United, Laporte of Manchester City, and Rabiot of Juventus. However, France's youth academy talents are too deep, and Ronaldo can hardly have a bright future, so he chose to switch to Portugal.


There are currently three Portuguese players in the Ebar team, namely central defender Oliveira, left back Rafa and Ronaldo. In addition, he is also the first player to transfer directly from Real Sociedad since Ebar was promoted to La Liga in the 14-15 season, and the son of Real Sociedad’s sports director elder Olabi was officially sold for 3 million euros last season. Joined Evar. Ronaldo may mean the beginning of a two-way flow of personnel between the two clubs.


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