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Rashford caught the ball in the penalty zone, then turned around to shoot with his left foot, hit the ball into the upper left corner of the goal, and rewritten the score to 2-0 before halftime. On the TV screen, 11 Pixel players were downcast, and I also put down the Xbox controller in my hand-Belgium was unable to resist the onslaught of the England team.


The 18-year-old Donovan Hunter (Tekkz) did not celebrate crazy. For this FNATIC professional team player, playing against me was like a warm-up match. There was no suspense about winning. If I had won him, it would be equivalent to defeating Voldemort with a candy cane.


In the professional gaming world, young Hunter is called the "child god" by fans. As long as you visit Hunter’s Twitter profile, you will see his brilliant achievements: 5 times won the FUT Cup, used Liverpool to win the English Premier League eSports League in 2019, and also played in the "FIFA" Club World Cup Wait for the championship in many competitions.

在专业游戏界,年轻的猎人被粉丝们称为“孩子神”。只要您访问Hunter的Twitter个人资料,您就会看到他的辉煌成就:5次赢得FUT杯,使用利物浦赢得2019年的英超电子竞技联赛,还参加了“ FIFA”俱乐部世界杯在许多比赛中获得冠军。

Hunter and FNATIC teammate Tom Reese (Hashtag Tom) came to Wembley Stadium to attend the eLions Media Day event. At the event, many media reporters tried to challenge them in the game, but they were all abused and defeated.

猎人和FNATIC队友汤姆·里斯(Hashtag Tom)来到温布利球场参加eLions媒体日活动。在活动中,许多媒体记者试图在游戏中挑战他们,但他们都遭到了虐待和击败。

After this public relations event, Hunter and Tom Reese flew to Milan, Italy to participate in the 2020 FIFA Electronic Club World Cup, but unfortunately they were eliminated in the semifinals by the new team Ellevens founded by Real Madrid star Bell. That team has another top e-sports player: 19-year-old Ethan Higgins (Ethan Higgins).

公关活动结束后,亨特和汤姆·里斯(Tom Reese)飞往意大利米兰参加2020 FIFA电子俱乐部世界杯,但不幸的是,他们在半决赛中被皇家马德里明星贝尔创立的新球队Ellevens淘汰。那支球队还有另一位顶级电竞选手:19岁的伊桑·希金斯(Ethan Higgins)。

As "FIFA" professional players, Ethan, Tom and Hunter need to invest a lot of time in training, spend money to buy card packs, face the pressure of competition, and gain understanding from their parents. "My parents didn't understand this game at all until I went to the United States this year." Ethan told me, "They found it difficult to play, but at least they can understand what I am doing and what needs to be done."

作为“ FIFA”职业选手,Ethan,Tom和Hunter需要投入大量时间进行训练,花钱购买卡片组,面对竞争的压力并获得父母的谅解。 “直到今年我去美国,我的父母才完全不了解这场比赛。” Ethan告诉我:“他们发现游戏很困难,但至少他们可以理解我在做什么和需要做什么。”

In order to explain to his parents what professional e-sports is, Tom has had a similar experience.


"I reached an agreement with them that I will finish high school and strive to get the highest score without letting FIFA affect my studies. They also know that I need to make an alternative plan for the future."


"Actually, my mother supported me more than I expected. I thought my parents would oppose it, but when I won an event at school and got a prize money, their thinking changed. They believed that I could Reap success on this road."


Like real football players, "FIFA" professional players have to spend a lot of time training, improve their operational proficiency, try various tactics and game styles, and use different players. In addition, these players will study the opponent's game style by watching the game video.

像真正的足球运动员一样,“ FIFA”职业运动员必须花费大量时间训练,提高他们的操作水平,尝试各种战术和游戏风格以及使用不同的运动员。另外,这些玩家将通过观看比赛视频来学习对手的比赛风格。

Most professional players and teams have coaches who will analyze the game situation and the opponent's tactical points, and remind players to make necessary adjustments to the game plan.


In addition to training and playing games, some professional players have another identity: anchor. For example, Tom often does live broadcasts on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube to cultivate his personal brand while making money. For top professional players, video content can bring them 10,000 to 15,000 pounds (about 90,000 to 136,000) in income each year.


"A lot of people don’t see this. Some professional players only play games and don’t want to create content. But I want to have my own channel. It’s like running my own business and earning wages, so I no longer rely entirely on games. bonus."


"FIFA" professional players need money. The UT mode of this game sells "card packs". Players can collect players or items from the card packs to form their own team. Players use "FIFA" points to purchase card packs. For professional players, no matter which players they use, they can easily beat casual players, but in order to win the competition with other professional players, they have to collect the strongest players.

“ FIFA”职业球员需要钱。该游戏的UT模式出售“卡包”。玩家可以从卡包中收集玩家或物品,以组建自己的团队。玩家使用“ FIFA”积分购买卡包。对于职业球员,无论他们使用哪个球员,他们都可以轻松击败休闲球员,但是为了赢得与其他职业球员的竞争,他们必须征集最强的球员。

This system has caused a lot of controversy. In PS4, Xbox or PC digital stores, players can spend money to buy points, and then use points to buy card packs. In some countries, this in-app purchase mechanism has been banned and has even been compared to gambling.


Ethan chatted about his views on this topic. Ethan told me that although he is not a heavy krypton player, he does spend money in the game-every time the "FIFA" series launches a new generation of works, all the money the player spends is "zeroed".

伊桑(Ethan)谈论了他对这个话题的看法。 Ethan告诉我,尽管他不是k玩家,但他确实会在游戏中花钱,“ FIFA”系列每次推出新一代作品时,玩家所花的所有钱都会“归零”。

"If you didn't win the championship and you still spend a lot of money, then you eventually have to stop and your ranking will drop significantly." Ethan explained, "I spend a lot of money, although I can’t compete with some players. However, in order to beat the best professional players in the world, I need a legendary Vieira card (note: in the "FIFA 20" online auction house, this card currently sells for 3.9 million game gold coins), There must be Messi or Ronaldo."

“如果您没有赢得冠军,但您仍然花很多钱,那么您最终将不得不停下来,您的排名将大大下降。”埃森解释万博官网说:“尽管我无法与某些球员竞争,但我还是花了很多钱。但是,为了击败世界上最好的职业球员,我需要一张传奇的维埃拉卡(注:在《 FIFA 20》中在线拍卖行,此卡目前的售价为390万游戏金币),必须是梅西或罗纳尔多。”

Players can accumulate gold coins by selling players at auction houses. The rarer the player card, the higher the price. In addition, if the player wins the game or reaches certain gold coins, they can also get gold coins.


As Ethan's agent, Oliver Chesses bluntly said that he does not like the card drawing system in the "FIFA" game. "I think it will change, and it must change. Many kids spend a lot of money in this game, but they have to start again every year. This is just a way for (developer) EA to make quick money."

作为Ethan的经纪人,Oliver Chesses坦率地说,他不喜欢“ FIFA”游戏中的纸牌抽奖系统。 “我认为它将改变,而且必须改变。许多孩子在这个游戏中花费很多钱,但是他们每年都必须重新开始。这只是(开发人员)EA快速赚钱的一种方式。”

In any case, the wave of e-sports is sweeping the world. At the University of Chichester in the UK, the school has a special e-sports major, which covers competitive games, game analysis, sports science and psychology, and also provides professional photography studios, motion capture rooms, film production studios and other facilities. Chess believes that "Generation Z" (note: people born between 1995-2009) will promote e-sports to become the mainstream.

无论如何,电子竞技浪潮席卷全球。在英国奇切斯特大学,学校设有特殊的电子竞技专业,涵盖竞技游戏,游戏分析,体育科学和心理学,还提供专业摄影工作室,动作捕捉室,电影制作工作室和其他设施。象棋认为,“ Z世代”(注:1995年至2009年之间出生的人)将促进电子竞技成为主流。

"We shouldn't be surprised." He said, "This generation has played video games since childhood. They don't need to struggle to gain recognition from the outside world... Change is inevitable. This is the future, and some people even think that this is the status quo."


In addition to "FIFA", Bell's Ellevens team also plans to enter other multiplayer online games, such as "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive", "Fortress Night" and "Rocket League." Last year, American teenager Kyle Giersdorf (Kyle Giersdorf) won the first "Fortnite" World Cup and won more than 2.3 million pounds in prize money.

除了“ FIFA”外,贝尔的Ellevens团队还计划进入其他多人在线游戏,例如“反恐精英:全球攻势”,“要塞之夜”和“火箭联盟”。去年,美国少年凯尔·吉斯多夫(Kyle Giersdorf)赢得了首届“ Fortnite”世界杯,并赢得了超过230万英镑的奖金。

The wave of e-sports is irreversible, and the next world champion may be among you and me.


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