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   The Municipal Sports Bureau commissioned the Shanghai Football Association to launch a new round of selection of "Shanghai Youth Football Elite Training Bases". 17 youth training bodies (10 elite training bases, 7 training bases) were named on the list and awarded. For these youth training institutions with outstanding comprehensive performance, the sports department provides guidance funds every year, grants certain subsidies to ensure that professionals do professional work, and encourages the whole society to continuously cultivate more "Xiao Wu Lei" and "Xiao Yan Junling" for Shanghai.


   Jiefang Daily·Shangguan News launched a series of reports on the “Visit to Shanghai Football Youth Training Base” to unearth the stories of the silent efforts of the grassroots coaches in Shanghai, to find the moving moments of each youth training institution, and to explore the key genes that shine in the youth training Shanghai model. Today, we are approaching the Shanghai Lucky Star Football Club established in 2006.


   On October 18th, the second stage of the Chinese Super League Suzhou Division will play the Shanghai Beach Derby. Shanghai SIPG will face Shanghai Greenland Shenhua. In addition to the "Made in Chongming" such as Yan Junling and Wang Shenchao, the local players in the Shanghai Hong Kong team are also outstanding representatives from the Shanghai Lucky Star youth training system. Wei Zhen, who occupies the U23 spot, Lei Wenjie, who has a tough style of play, Jia Boyan who set the record for the youngest appearance in the Super League this season, and Chen Chunxin who is waiting for his debut, all come from this Shanghai youth training club founded in 2006.


On the ground floor of a residential building in Xuhui District, on the wall of the room are pictures of retired and active players such as Qi Hong, Shen Si, Zhang Yong, Gao Zhunyi, Wei Zhen, Lei Wenjie, Li Xiaoming, Xu Junmin-this is Shanghai Lucky The office living room of Star Football Club. The club’s general manager Yi Wenbing told reporters that on the basis of maintaining the reorganization system to send youth echelons to Hong Kong and Shenhua, the club is also sending young players to Japan and Brazil to study abroad with its partners, striving to create an innovative way of cultivating outstanding local Chinese players. road.

在徐汇区一栋居民楼的地面上,在房间的墙上,有齐红,沉思,张勇,高准仪,魏震,雷文杰,李晓明,徐俊民等退休,活跃球员的照片。 -这是上海幸运星足球俱乐部的办公室客厅。俱乐部总经理易文兵告诉记者,在保持重组体系的基础上,俱乐部将青年梯队派往香港和神华,俱乐部还将派青年球员到日本和巴西与合作伙伴一起出国学习,努力创造创新培养中国本土优秀球员的方法。路。



   The Shanghai Normal University Kangcheng Experimental School, located on Xinsong Road, is the "base" of Lucky Star Football Club at the beginning. However, compared with the Super League club, the school’s venue conditions do not have much advantage. After entering the main entrance, a seven-a-side artificial court greeted you, sometimes crowded with more players. There is also a five-a-side venue behind the teaching building, which is the only two venues in the school.


   With the increasing number of Lucky Stars of all age groups, the school space is not enough. Nowadays, some players will take the bus every day to the Sports Club + Red Hall 11 kilometers away, where the club rents two artificial grass fields for training. Yi Wenbing said, “The conditions are actually good now. It was really tough at the beginning. After some grassroots coaches from other provinces and cities visited the school, they still don’t believe that we can build multiple echelons and train under such conditions. A good player to win the National Games."


  At the beginning of its establishment, Lucky Star and Minhang Campus Football worked closely together to select talented and talented seedlings in the school. Today, the club distribution schools have expanded to 29 kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools in 7 districts including Hongkou, Jiading, and Jinshan. At the elementary level, the club has clear rules for young players: the ball is played well, and the study can't fall. Once a child relaxes and studies because of playing football, he will be suspended from training by the coach and will return to the team after his performance improves.


Yi Wenbing also admitted that once a child enters junior high school, the number of children who are willing to continue playing football decreases sharply. Some good seedlings who are considered by coaches to be very talented are not willing to take a career path and will choose a more secure way of playing while studying. . "We respect the opinions of parents and young players very much. They have autonomy. Of course, from the perspective of training time, competition intensity, and ability improvement, it must be more secure to take a professional path."

易文冰还承认,一旦一个孩子进入了初中,愿意继续踢足球的孩子人数就会急剧减少。一些被教练认为是非常有才华的好苗木不愿意走职业道路,他们会在学习时选择更安全的打法。 。 “我们非常尊重父母和年轻球员的意见。他们有自主权。当然,从训练时间,比赛强度和能力提高的角度来看,走职业道路必须更加安全。”

   The State Sports General Administration and the Ministry of Education have recently jointly issued the "Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Sports and Education and Promoting the Healthy Development of Adolescents", which specifically mentions that future student sports events will be jointly organized by the education and sports departments to draw up event plans and unify registration qualifications. This should be good news for the Lucky Star Club, which is based on campus. "The original intention of our founding Lucky Star was to popularize football and cultivate football talents. I believe that in the near future, there will be more children playing football and more good news. seedling".

国家体育总局和教育部最近联合发布了“关于深化体育与教育融合,促进青少年健康发展的意见”,特别提到今后的学生体育赛事将由教育和体育局联合举办。体育部门制定赛事计划,统一报名资格。对于总部位于校园的幸运之星俱乐部来说,这应该是个好消息。 “我们创立幸运星的初衷是普及足球和培养足球人才。我相信,在不久的将来,将会有更多的儿童踢足球,还有更多的好消息。



   In the past two decades of Shanghai elite youth training, many people were impressed by the Chongming Island Genbao Base, where more than a dozen international players including Wu Lei and Yan Junling have been trained. In fact, Shanghai Lucky Star is also half of Shanghai's elite youth training, especially in the transportation of integrated talents in the National Games, the Youth Games, and the Shanghai Super League and the two Chinese Super League clubs.


   The picture says: The 1995-1996 age group sent by Lucky Star to Shenhua is the first echelon sent by the club as a whole.


   The first batch of Shanghai Lucky Star players was the 1995-1996 age group that represented Shanghai in the National Games. The team included the best newcomers in the Super League, Li Xiaoming, Lu Pin, Xu Junmin, etc. That year, the entire team was packaged and transferred to Shanghai Greenland Shenhua at a "cabbage price" of less than ten million yuan. Although the development of this group of players was slightly tortuous, Lucky Star has since taken the first step in the transportation of the integrated echelon.


After   , Shanghai SIPG Club acquired the 1997-1998 age group of Lucky Star in the reorganization system. This group of players includes Wei Zhen and Lei Wenjie who have now established a firm foothold in the Super League. Together with Hu Jinghang and Chen Binbin from Genbao Base, this group of players represented Shanghai and won the U20 Championship of the 2017 Tianjin National Games. In addition, the 1999-2000, 2001-2002, 2003, and 2004 age groups of Lucky Star were also packaged and purchased by SIPG.


   In the eighth round of this year's Super League, Shanghai SIPG beat Tianjin TEda 4-1. In the 82nd minute, Jia Boyan, wearing the No. 30 jersey, played for SIPG for the first time. At only 16 years and 9 months, he became the youngest player in this year’s over-the-field and the third youngest player in the history of the Super League . Jia Boyan’s hometown is in Henan. He showed his talent in football since he was a child. After being selected by Lucky Star, he transferred to Shanghai to study and receive professional training at the Cannes Experimental School. Jia Boyan is a member of the Lucky Star 2003 echelon. Now with the overall transportation, he is already a member of SIPG's first team.

在今年的超级联赛的第八轮中,上海SIPG 4-1击败天津泰达。在第82分钟,身穿30号球衣的贾伯彦第一次为SIPG效力。在仅仅16年零9个月的时间里,他成为了本年度跨栏比赛中最年轻的球员,并且是中超联赛历史上第三年轻的球员。贾伯彦的故乡在河南。他从小就表现出自己在足球上的才能。在被幸运星选中后,他移居上海,在戛纳实验学校学习并接受了专业培训。贾伯彦是2003年“幸运星”梯队的成员。现在,在整体运输方面,他已经是SIPG一线团队的成员。

   Picture: This year's Super League's youngest player Jia Boyan.


   A small-scale youth club has transported six echelons to Shanghai SIPG and Shenhua Super League clubs. As a result, Shanghai Youth Training has formed a professionally segmented and healthy development of the ecological industry chain. Former Chinese Vice President Li Yuyi said, "Lucky Stars have made significant progress in training, competitions or talent training. The overall development of Chinese football is a bit eager for quick success and instant benefits. I hope that Lucky Stars can continue to cultivate first-line youth training and select talented and willing children. , Train them into football talents with characteristics, health and positive energy, and contribute to the development of Chinese football."




   On January 11 next year, Lucky Star Club will celebrate its 15th birthday. "At present, the international football team we have trained and sent is Gao Zhunyi, and more than 40 players have been selected for the National Olympics, National Youth, and National Juniors." Yi Wenbing said that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the club's youth training. There are also clear plans for talent innovation training.

明年1月11日,幸运星俱乐部将庆祝其15岁生日。 “目前,我们训练和派遣的国际足球队是高准仪,并已选出40多名运动员参加国家奥林匹克,国家青年和国家青少年比赛。”易文冰说,俱乐部的青年训练还有很大的进步空间。人才创新培训也有明确的计划。

   In the past, Lucky Stars training youth echelons generally "dropped off" earlier. Players were reorganized and transferred to Shanghai SIPG and Shenhua Super League clubs around the age of 20, and then they focused their efforts on digging out a new batch of seedlings. "In the future, we will also consider building our own platforms. For example, the whole team will compete in the Champions League and the Second Division, to show the players' abilities across the country, and build the influence of the lucky star youth training brand. Young players need the most competition and exercise. They play in the China Second Professional League. It’s more worthy of exercise than playing U-series games in the Super League."

过去,幸运之星训练青年梯队通常较早“下车”。重新组织了球员,并在20岁左右将他们转移到了上海SIPG和神华超级联赛俱乐部,然后他们集中精力挖出了一批新苗。 “将来,我们还将考虑建立自己的平台。例如,整个团队将参加欧洲冠军联赛和第二分区的比​​赛,以展示全国各地的球员能力,并增强幸运星青年的影响力训练品牌。年轻球员最需要比赛和锻炼。他们参加了中国第二职业联赛。比在超级联赛中打U系列比赛更值得锻炼。”

   For young players to build a high-level event platform, Lucky Star has persisted for many years. Three years ago, the club participated in the creation of the YICC Youth International Football Challenge Cup. It invited the English Wolves, Anderlecht of Belgium, Athletic Parana of Brazil, Kashima Antlers of Japan, Sakura Osaka of Japan and other European and American professional clubs to exchange ideas. Skills, find gaps, practice hard to catch up. "If it wasn't for the epidemic, the teams for the third tournament this year would have been invited. To build this event, we paid nearly 2 million out of our pockets every year. In doing so, we want the team and coaches to strengthen communication, find deficiencies, and improve. "

为了让年轻玩家构建高级赛事平台,幸运星已经坚持了很多年。三年前,该俱乐部参加了YICC青年国际足球挑战杯的创建。它邀请了英国狼队,比利时的安德莱赫特,巴西的竞技巴拉那州,日本的鹿岛鹿角,日本的樱花大阪以及其他欧美专业俱乐部交换意见。技巧,发现差距,努力练习以追赶。 “如果不是为了流行,那么将邀请今年第三届锦标赛的球队参加。为筹建这项赛事,我们每年要自掏腰包支付近200万。为此,我们希望球队和教练加强沟通,发现不足并改善。”

   Illustrated: Young defender Wei Zhen relies on the U23 policy to gradually get opportunities.


   The picture says: Lucky Star joins hands with the Re-entertainment Culture to try to send the young players out to study abroad early and improve.


   Yi Wenbing also told reporters that Lucky Star currently has a complete echelon from 2005 to 2010, including some good seedlings. At present, the club has cooperated with Re-entertainment Culture to jointly sign and send a number of potential young football players to study abroad in Japan and Brazil early to help them enter the local high school, be selected for school team training and competition, and receive the high-level local football culture. Gradually grow. "Wu Lei may be a benchmark for the domestic youth training model. If we want to train better Chinese players than Wu Lei, we believe that we must, like Sun Xingmin, be determined to send to Europe as soon as possible, and learn and grow in a high-level environment abroad. ."

易文冰还告诉记者,幸运星目前拥有从2005年到2010年的完整梯队,其中包括一些好的幼苗。目前,该俱乐部已与“重新娱乐文化”合作,共同签约并派遣一些潜在的年轻足球运动员尽早在日本和巴西出国留学,以帮助他们进入当地的高中,并入选校队训练和比赛,并接受当地高水平的足球文化。逐渐成长。 “吴磊可能是国内青年训练模式的基准。如果我们想训练比吴磊更好的中国球员,我们认为我们必须像孙兴民一样决心尽快派往欧洲,并学习和学习。在国外的高级环境中成长。”

Shen Si, chairman of the Lucky Star Club, has a broader vision: "Our exploration is to use the resources of European football powers to cultivate more outstanding Chinese players. Among these players, we hope that someone can be in the five major European leagues in the future. Based on it. This is also the development goal of Lucky Star Club for the next 15 years."


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