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This is a long-standing question: If Messi plays in the Premier League, can he be as omnipotent as in La Liga? For many years, people’s hopes of finding answers to their questions have become less and less, but with Messi’s application to Barcelona to leave the team, it may be time to make bold predictions.


In the eyes of most fans, Messi is like the god of football and should not be criticized. But some people always question his achievements. They want to know, if the 33-year-old Messi leaves La Liga, can he still make shocking numbers in the game? Although Messi played a hat-trick against Celta, Mallorca and Ebar last season alone, doubters believe that this is because the opponents are too weak.


When Messi scores, he makes everything seem too easy-this may be the problem. Some people have concluded from this: In La Liga, the strength gap between the strong and the weak is too great.


But this view is untenable.


If you don't count Messi's data, you will find that in the past ten years, the number of hat tricks in the Premier League has been higher than in La Liga. In all hat tricks in La Liga over the past decade, Messi alone accounted for nearly a quarter. In the past three seasons, there have been 33 hat tricks in La Liga, of which Messi has completed 10 times.


In fact, La Liga is one of the most competitive leagues in the world. Otherwise, how could Sevilla, ranked fourth in La Liga, win the Europa League for the sixth time?


Since the turn of the century, La Liga teams accounted for nearly half of all winning teams in European club competitions. A total of 8 different La Liga clubs have reached the European finals, which is more than the Premier League.


In short, La Liga is an elite league, but for a long time, there are two players that often make La Liga teams look uncompetitive. They are Ronaldo and Messi.


In the past ten years, apart from Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, there is only one player who scored more than 30 goals in a single season in La Liga: Suarez, and the latter also left the Premier League with more than 30 goals in a single season.


Last season, the total number of goals scored in La Liga was 92 fewer than the Premier League... It is reasonable to think that if Messi joins a Premier League club, then his league goal data is likely to surprise everyone.


Of course, this does not mean that Messi does not need to make adjustments. According to the latest statistics, the pace of the Premier League is still faster than that of La Liga; in the Premier League, the average number of high-intensity activities per game is much higher than the other four major European leagues.


When Messi was young, he often put pressure on opposing defensive players in the frontcourt, but in the past few seasons, he seems to have reduced the intensity of his activities in the game in order to protect his body.


This did have an effect.


Messi is rarely injured. In the past ten years, Messi’s cumulative playing time in La Liga reached 28,792 minutes. This data not only ranks first among all La Liga players, but also far exceeds any outfield player during the same period. Kyle Walker's data is the closest to Messi, but the gap is still 3850 minutes, which is equivalent to a team's total game time in a single full season.

梅西很少受伤。在过去的十年中,梅西在西甲的累计上场时间达到了28792分钟。该数据不仅在所有西甲球员中排名第一,而且也大大超过了同期的所有外场球员。凯尔·沃克(Kyle Walker)的数据最接近梅西,但差距仍然是3850分钟,这相当于一个团队在一个完整赛季中的总比赛时间。

Messi's body is very stable, although sometimes it doesn't look as desperate as other players, but as long as he is on the court, he can always pose a threat to his opponent.


If a Messi who lacks movement comes to the Premier League, how much impact will he have on the league? This is a reasonable question. But in any case, Messi will use his other specialties to influence the game.


For example, Messi has an unparalleled free kick record. In the past three seasons, Messi has scored 17 free kicks in La Liga (6, 6, 5). In the same time period, only one Premier League player has achieved 5 league free kicks, and he is Ward Prouss playing for Southampton. Manchester City is the Premier League team that has scored the most free kicks in the past three seasons, but the number of goals scored by Manchester City's free kicks is less than half of Messi...He is the master of the masters.

例如,梅西拥有无与伦比的任意球记录。在过去的三个赛季中,梅西在西甲获得了17次任意球(6、6、5)。在同一时期,只有一名英超联赛球员获得5次联赛任意球,他是沃德·普罗斯(Ward Prouss)为南安普敦效力。曼城是过去三个赛季中任意球得分最高的英超联赛球队,但曼城任意球打进的进球数不到梅西的一半……他是大师们的主人。

In a sense, Messi's ability to take free kicks also reflects his long-range accuracy. In addition to free kicks, Messi still has the ability to find space in sports battles. Therefore, the Premier League goalkeeper needs to beware of Messi's long shots outside the penalty area. In the past four seasons, Messi has scored 35 goals outside the penalty area. In the Premier League, the player with the most statistics during the same period is De Bruyne, but he has only scored 15 goals outside the penalty area.

从某种意义上说,梅西的任意球能力也反映了他的远射准确性。除了任意球之外,梅西仍然具有在体育比赛中寻找空间的能力。因此,英超联赛的门将需要提防梅西在禁区外的远射。在过去的四个赛季中,梅西在禁区外攻入35球。在英超联赛中,同期统计数据最多的球员是De Bruyne,但他在禁区外仅进15球。

Of course, shooting and scoring are only part of Messi's offensive methods. Although he is over thirty years old, he still has top dribbling ability. In the past ten years, Messi’s average number of dribbles per game has been very stable. The total number of dribbles in a single season has never been less than 182. For comparison, the total number of dribbles in a season of other La Liga players is even less than 100. Last season, Messi completed only 1 less dribbling in La Liga than Wolves forward Traore.


With age, Messi's dribbling ability may gradually decline, but he is also one of the greatest passers in football history. In La Liga last season, Messi completed 21 assists, almost twice as many as the second-placed player in La Liga (Oyazabal), and also exceeded the single-season player assist record of the Premier League (Henry’s 20 times). ).

随着年龄的增长,梅西的运球能力可能会逐渐下降,但他还是足球历史上最伟大的传球手之一。在上赛季的西甲联赛中,梅西完成了21次助攻,几乎是排在第二名的奥阿扎巴尔球员的两倍,并且还超过了英超单赛季的球员助攻纪录(亨利的20次)。 )。

More importantly, Messi is extremely good at sending straight passes to his teammates. In the past three La Liga seasons, Messi has completed 70 straight passes through the opponent's direction. From this data point of view, De Bruyne is the player closest to Messi, but the number of straight passes he sent is less than half of Messi.

更重要的是,梅西非常擅长向队友发送直传。在过去的三个西甲赛季中,梅西已经完成了70次直通对手的传球。从这个数据来看,De Bruyne是最接近梅西的球员,但他送出的直传次数少于梅西的一半。

Will Messi join Manchester City or another Premier League team? It's hard to tell. But combined with the above data analysis, if someone concludes that he cannot adapt to the environment of the Premier League, it is likely to be beaten in the face.


It is difficult for Messi to adapt to the Premier League? A closer to the truth may be that it takes time for the Premier League (fans) to adapt to a player with extraordinary talent like Messi.


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