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Hello, friends at Station D, here is the 11th issue of the Chinese Super League Social Media Show. After close to the intensive schedule of three matches, the first stage of the Chinese Super League is coming to an end. Let's take a look at what our players have posted these days.


In the first round of the 2020 China Football Association Cup against Chongqing Modern, SIPG player Li Shenglong ushered in his first start this season. Li Shenglong wrote on Weibo: This is the first start in the new season, thanks to the team for their efforts! Although Li Shenglong often only comes off the bench, he has repeatedly made key performances, and he is an indispensable figure in the SIPG team's offensive line.


Recently, Jiangsu Suning Teixeira player Teixeira found a new entertainment project, he played arcade games in the division. I saw Teixeira compare his hands with "Yeah" and smiled very happily. I don't know if he won the friend.


In the 13th round of the Chinese Super League, Shandong Luneng Taishan defeated Henan Jianye 2-0. This game was also the 100th Chinese Super League game of team center Pellet. After the game, Pellet celebrated his victory and his 100 achievements on personal social media. He wrote: I am very happy to use three points and a goal to celebrate my 100 matches in the Super League!


In the 13th round of the Chinese Super League match between Shandong Luneng Taishan and Henan Jianye, Luneng's foreign aid Fellaini did not enter the competition list. In addition, Fellaini did not watch the game in the venue, he chose a "God perspective" to watch the game. Looking out from Fellaini's room, you can just see the whole picture of the Dalian Youth Training Base Stadium, and you can watch the game from a very good perspective.


Recently, the Chinese National Men's Football Team Li Tie came to the Dalian Division to communicate with the coaches, general managers and international players of various clubs. During this period, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua player and Mbia who had worked with Li Tie also found Li Tie and took a photo with him. Mbia wrote on personal social media: This is the current coach of the Chinese team and my former coach!


At the pre-match press conference between Beijing Zhonghe Guoan and Qingdao Huanghai, Guoan player Bakambu attended the press conference. After that, Bakambu "reported" his press conference on personal social media. There are easter eggs behind the video~


Before one day's training, Li Ke and his group were walking on the way to the training ground. It was very interesting to see Li Ke as if he came to inspect.


In the 13th round of the Chinese Super League, Shenzhen Kaisa defeated the Dalianers 3-1 and kept the hope of qualifying for the championship group until the final round. After the game, the Shenzhen Kaisa team took a group photo in the locker room, and teenager Dai Weijun also uploaded the group photo to Weibo. In the photo, both the players and the coach are very happy, after all, this victory is very important for the team.


Beijing time last night, after an arduous battle, Hebei China Fortune beat Wuhan Zall 2-0. As a result, the Hebei team has also determined to enter the championship group. After the game, Hebei team player Yin Hongbo posted a photo of the team on Weibo and wrote: Thank you to all those who support us, thank you! You can continue to stay in Suzhou in the future, and continue to cheer!


Yesterday, Chongqing Dangdai defeated Shijiazhuang Yongchang 4-1 and won a place in the championship group. After the match, Chongqing team player Yang Shuai posted a message to celebrate the victory. He wrote: After the first round, everyone looked down on us and felt that we were determined to be in the relegation group. Only we believe that we still have a chance. The five-game winning streak of making history has made everyone feel at ease, but only our team knows the pressure we experienced. Fortunately, the result is good, smile and get a good night's sleep.


In the first round of the Football Association Cup match between Shandong Luneng Taishan and the Dalianers, Wang Dalei attacked from the goal in the 61st minute of the game and assisted Guo Tianyu to score. After the game, Wang Dalei also "ridiculed" his teammate Song Long on his personal Weibo: Did I assist more than you?


Shandong Luneng Taishan foreign aid Leonardo has celebrated his birthday. On this day, many friends came to celebrate his birthday. Among them are Henan team foreign aid Dorado, Suning players Wakaso and Edel, Shenzhen team's Bifuma, Evergrande's Paulinho, Exon and others. It can be seen that his popularity is very good.


Recently, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan new aid Shunich has arrived in China and is currently under quarantine in Shanghai. On this day, he posted the view outside the hotel window on his personal social media, and he wrote: This is my vision for the next two weeks.


Finally, let's take a look at the new works of Wuhan Zall player Baptistang!


Dear friends, this issue of "Chinese Super League Player Social Media Show" is over here, thank you for your support! See you next time!


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