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Hupu News, October 14 Wenger accepted the BBC’s interactive Q&A. He talked about many issues in the past, present and future.


Wenger started coaching Arsenal in October 1996. During 22 years of coaching the Gunners, he led the team to win 3 Premier League titles and 7 FA Cup titles. He also created the Gunners' unbeaten record in the 03/04 season. .

温格于1996年10月开始执教阿森纳。在执教枪手的22年中,他带领球队赢得了3个英超联赛冠军和7个足总杯冠军。他还在03/04赛季创造了枪手的不败纪录。 。

The love of my life, I dedicated 22 years to the club, I built the Gunners training center and Emirates Stadium. I have worked a lot for the club and created a good atmosphere and infrastructure to make the club better and invest in the future. I think I have a good relationship with the club.


We were all vying for the championship ten years ago, but I know that the next ten years will be more difficult because I think this is a challenge. I believe we played very well and sometimes won the league championship, but overall the team was much younger.


, Because the first part is easy. My second stage was very difficult, and my toughness was tested. I am very proud to play for the club at such a delicate stage.


I chose to keep my distance completely. This does not mean emotional, just physical. It is important not to let others think of you as a shadow. I think the best way is to say goodbye completely. It seems that I am trying to make an impact in my own way.


Fans said it based on the emotions of the time, and should not have a high evaluation of what was said at the time. Nowadays, a small number of people seem to have a strong voice, and they decide what to talk about. Therefore, if you have 50 negative attitudes on social media, it may somehow get more attention than the 60,000 people in the stadium.


This does not mean that everyone has to do what they say. If you look back at the past 3 years, you will find that we ranked second in 2016, behind Leicester City, but other clubs are behind Leicester. City, and Leicester City they only lost three games. In 2017, that was the first time since 1997 that we did not enter the Champions League. So I hope to keep that record, but I think we now have a good chance to return to the top four.


I rarely keep in touch with them because I am not often in the country. I respect them. When you participate in the competition, you or them are always a little aggressive. But after that, when you meet people outside the arena, things are different.


You and your team are in pain and have encountered difficulties, but you must defend your club at all costs. That's why sometimes emotions are out of control. In general, this is worthy of respect.


There are different types of coaches. I am the longest coach of Monaco and Arsenal, so this is part of my character.


Team: Wimbledon when I first came to England


Players: Roy Keane and Ivnj Harland (old Harland, Dort Harland's father), they are always difficult to deal with.


Of course, you think about what would happen if Ronaldo competed with Henry, Pires, Wiltord and Bergkamp? Maybe we can score 200 goals a season.


You sometimes regret it, you think it will be your fault because you did not make a decision fast enough, or sometimes you cannot agree to this financially fast enough. But in general, if you look at Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, etc., every club has such a story.


Not exactly, because he was a 17-year-old at the time, playing in Malmö, Sweden's second level, and no one would know him. We tried out many 17-year-olds at the time, which is absolutely normal before you make a decision.


A person who serves the club wholeheartedly, honestly and honestly, and loves the club. I gave Arsenal the best time of my life. In different situations, I always have the same passion.


This is true, even on weekends. Exercise is like brushing your teeth. If you brush your teeth once a week, it will have no effect. But if you brush your teeth every day, the effect is obvious.


I only watch football matches. In the morning I watched last night’s match. This is my passion. When you are born, your first game is to survive, and then you must find the meaning of your life. My life is football.


I grew up in a small bar, which was the fan headquarters of the local football team. From the age of four or five, I only heard people talking about football, so in my opinion, football is the only important thing in life.


Yes, he has the conditions to be an excellent coach and top coach, but many of my previous players have these conditions. We must give them time and let them complete their work in their own way.


Arteta is very smart, has a strong passion and a strong character. I believe that everyone around him is right.


First, let us ask ourselves: Is VAR effective? When you look at the technical statistics, you can see that the correct penalty rate has risen from 84% to 95%. This is a system that overrides our point of view.


The second thing is that it can put an end to corruption, because one person cannot influence a decision alone. For me, this is important because it is not always the case. Yes, sometimes, VAR can be slow sometimes, but I believe that if we abolish VAR, people will want him to come back.


Last year, people did not accept the offside rule, and no one talked about it this year. It has nothing to do with money, he just wants to make the right decision.


We cannot tolerate racism. I believe that sports, especially football, has a huge responsibility-to show how we live together and share our love.


I think we cannot racism in the stands, we must punish it. We haven't found the right answer yet. I think we can use the camera to find those who do this and ban them from entering the stadium for life.


When you throw a throw-in, this should be the advantage of the football controller. But in reality, your 9 players on the court are at a disadvantage compared to the 10 opponents. And you have to throw with your hands, I think you have a better chance of losing the ball.


This is why I believe we always have to think about how to make the game faster and more exciting, so why can't we call the kick-off in our own half?


I want to give everyone the same opportunity. In Europe we are in a bubble. Children in some countries have no coaches and no infrastructure. I want to create an online course that everyone can access. He will explain in detail what the child should learn at what age, how often to train, and when to increase the difficulty of the practice.


As for women's football, the World Cup attendance is always high, but there are very few spectators outside the World Cup. It is not enough to invest a lot of money to give high salaries to girls who are dedicated to football. This is why you need to improve the quality of the game.




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